The following Club members have served in its Board of Directors during the final season, 2018-19:

President : Zafiris Gourgouliatos
Vice President : Georgia Stavropoulos
Treasurer : Peter Demopoulos
Secretary : Valerie V. Estes
Members :
Anna Fourkeotes
Bessie Kouvara

Irene Andreadisa

Past Presidents

Theodore Saloutos (Deceased)
Alexander Dzivelis (Deceased)
George Andrews (Deceased)
Alex Kerhulas (Deceased)
Speros Vryonis (Deceased)
Aristotle Mitchell (Deceased)
George Gavalas
Xenia Desby (Deceased)
Costas Couvaras (Deceased)
Gilbert Kyprianou
Aristid Berk (Deceased)
Andreas Kyprianides
Vasso Fischer
John Krisilas (Deceased)
Elaine Palaiologos
Aristotle Katopodis
Peter Demopoulos

If you need information about the history of the HUC, please address inquiries to:
Hellenic University Club
of Southern California,
7485 McConnel Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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