Prof. Tom M. Apostol is a well known author of mathematics texts who recently was made a member of the Academy of Athens. 

His recent work, PROJECT MATHEMATICS, is an effort to make math easily understood by the average person. His lecture and video demonstration will tell the story of one of the most remarkable engineering achievement of ancient times. In the 6th century BC, on the island of Samos 4 in the Aegean Sea, a Greek engineer, Eupalinos of Megara, excavated a tunnel more than a thousand meters long, straight through the heart of a mountain, using two separate crews that dug from both ends and met in the middle. No written record exists that shows how Eupalinos determined the direction of excavation, but there are some convincing explanations, the oldest going back to Hero of Alexandria, ca 60 AD. The video has garnered first prize awards in more than a dozen international festivals. The video and Prof. Tom Apostol, with the help of the video, will describe Herod's method, as well as alternate methods proposed by scholars in modern times.

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