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Hellenic University Club of Southern California
A Non-Profit Cultural Organization

The Hellenic University Club of Southern California was incorporated in 1961 as a non-profit cultural organization in the State of California dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of the Hellenic Culture. Since its inception, the Hellenic University Club has awarded over $200,000 to worthy organizations and institutions.

Membership is open to baccalaureate graduates of accredited colleges and universities in this country or abroad. In lieu of a degree, individuals with distinguished community service or outstanding cultural contributions to the Community will be considered for membership by the Board of Directors.

Members to the Board of Directors are elected annually in the spring by mail balloting. Eligible to vote are all members in good standing.

For more information please e-mail us at hucorg [AT] gmail.com. You may also write us at:

Hellenic University Club
of Southern California,
PO Box 45581,
Los Angeles, CA 90045-0581

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